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Hello Everybody, I'm Allan Asplin and Welcome to Ask Allan.

Q. So the first question is, "What is Ask Allan?"

A. My goal with ask Allan is to help both home owners and realtors. I have been in the business for over 20 years and I have seen some amazing things, and by amazing I mean some crazy things with both home owners and realtors and mistakes they make when sellings houses. Now my background is I have been in the business for 20 years, I have owned a construction company, I have been an appraiser, I have been an investor and I know that my background will be able to give both realtors and home owners insight and perspective when it comes to selling their houses.  

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We were referred to Sherisse Demkiw-Smith by the realtor who sold our rural house. Sherisse is a buyer specialist and, as such, was able to give focused attention to our needs. We wanted to find a particular size and type of house in Westwood. Must have driven her a little crazy, but she never showed it. Once we had (finally) decided to make an offer, she skillfully guided us through the competitive offer process. Along the way we had a lot of laughs. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sherisse to anyone looking to buy a house in this area.
Terry Dann
Great experience, worked with Keenan! Thanks a bunch!
Joel Anderson