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May Market Update - April Statistics 2016

May 12th, 2016

The April Statistics are in! And, they're looking pretty good! April sales surpassed, both, last April and the 10-year average by 8%. While that isn't a huge difference, and isn't something to get extremely excited about, it just shows us that the market is moving in a great direction. The year-to-date sales are up 8%, as well, and are sitting at over 3,800. Active listings, meanwhile, are at 4,708, which is a little bit of good news for sellers as it dropped from the average of 5,000 last year. The need to price accordingly and market well still stays strong, as we're forecast to move into a balanced market this year. 

Condominiums are, finally, looking good out there. Slowly, but surely, the sales for condominiums are increasing - by 34% compared to April of last year. Condominiums are also up in a year-to-date comparison to the same period from last year. 

For the first time in history, the SouthWest quadrant of the city saw a new number in housing prices, rising to an average of $400,000. This is great news for sellers looking to list their house this coming year in the SouthWest of the city.