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Replacing Old Windows

July 27th, 2016

Windows can be expensive. Especially if you bought a home with windows all from the 70's, or even 20's. Although fun to look at (especially those beautiful ones from long ago), they're not very effiecient at keeping the heat in and the cold out. Not to worry, you can replace a window, adding in insulation and weather stripping to save you money on all those heating bills - without having to replace every single window in your home, something that can be a costly journey. This is best used for those beautiful old windows that are letting in cold air, but are just too nice to replace with boring old ones. 

1. Remove the stop and pull it off with a crowbar, if the screws are rusted on, or just being difficult.

2. Remove the lower sash, the middle piece, and slide the upper sash down. Cut the ropes and pull the upper sash out. Remove old pulleys.

3. Open up the weight pocket and remove the old weights. Put insulation into the pockets, improving your energy efficiency.

4. Add a shim to the blind stop, creating the right spacing for the new window. Staple the access panel in place and attach the retainer clips.

5. Snap in the jamb liners and sash stub. Cut the old windows down to fit the new jamb liners.

6. Route a groove in the window to receive the pin, connecting the jamb liner. Cut a groove for the weather stripping and tap the stripping into place with a hammer.