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    Judy Lindsay has created one of the most successful real estate teams in history.


    Judy Lindsay started real estate in 1984, and ten years later, she pioneered the team-concept in order to deliver the absolute best in customer service with incredible results. Her legacy has been continued on by her son, Allan Asplin, upon her passing in 2001. Since 1995, Judy Lindsay Team Realty has ranked number one in Winnipeg for most houses sold; in fact, they have sold more than 250 homes a year – every year – for the past two decades.  With Judy Lindsay Team Realty, you are not only getting great individuals who are exceptional at what they do, but you get a Team of individuals who are specialized in their own areas of real estate.



    The main focus behind the success of Judy Lindsay Team Realty is offering specialization. The same as you would when going to the doctor: you wouldn’t want a general practitioner doing your open heart surgery; you would want a specialized professional. This holds true with any business, and especially in the real estate industry. Today, Judy Lindsay Team Realty continues to lead in advanced home marketing techniques, and with their specialized team members, provide un-rivaled market knowledge and client service. 



     "Individuals play games, but teams win championships"

                                                                 ~ Michael Jordan




    Judy Lindsay Testimonials and Reviews

    Judy Lindsay Team Realty looked after me and explained things well and did a good selling job for me. It did not take long.

    E. Peary

    Great team, very friendly, got back to me very quickly with emails and such! Explained things well and everything went very smoothly!

    K. Halikas

    News and Announcements for Home Selling and Buying

    New Idea: Housing Wealth Taxation?
    Date : May 27, 2016

    They're always trying to tax the rich to feed the poor, but now there's a new idea coming to light about property taxes and how to deal with the rising bills. The idea behind this idea is that the property taxes are tied into the equity you have in your home, rather than the house price. Why has someone come up with this idea? Sounds like those of us who are sitting in equity will gain to lose. True, those who have equity in their homes will end up paying more than those who have just bought their homes, which doesn't really sound fair to the ones who have worked hard to pay off their mortgage. The reason this idea has popped up is due to the rising housing prices in cities like Toronto and Vancouver.